Senior Counsel, Insights and Strategy Across Multiple Sectors

We work with CEOs and executives, boards, governments, industry bodies and organisations in a range of sectors to help address business challenges, influence outcomes and build and safeguard reputations.

Energy prices, energy supply and the right mix of energy for our future are all interrelated parts of one of the most contested and complex debates in Australia over the past decade or more.

For businesses in the energy sector navigating the new normal of community activism, digitally empowered customers, and changing or uncertain policy and regulatory environments has to be core to the business strategy. We help businesses ranging from technology start ups, to ASX 100 energy providers to grow and succeed in this challenging environment.

Like most developed countries Australia’s population is ageing and this is having a range of impacts including demands and pressures on our health and aged care systems, housing, the size of the working-age population and provision of skilled labour. We work with clients including one of Melbourne’s largest health service networks, and aged care bodies and providers to effectively tell the right story to the stakeholders who matter most about the increasing challenges confronting those working at the coal face of these critical sectors.

With Australia’s major cities and regions continuing to experience one of the world’s fastest rates of population growth there are significant challenges in ensuring our infrastructure and planning systems keep pace with the rising volume of people, goods and services.

We work with mass transit providers, public transport networks and infrastructure providers to help them understand the views and needs of their customers, stakeholders and communities and tailor their strategy to manage risks, build support, and tell the right story to enhance reputation.

The Australian education sector is operating in an increasingly challenging and competitive environment, largely driven by the changing needs and expectations of business, the community, industry and the economy.

We work with universities, vocational education providers, training providers, and primary and secondary schools to help reposition and reconnect them with their communities, staff and stakeholders. We have extensive sector experience with industrial relations as well as reputational and stakeholder engagement issues such as University Australia’s Respect. Now. Always. Campaign.

The government sector is operating in a complex and evolving stakeholder, community and media landscape, with increasing demands for governments to lead and use limited public funds to respond to significant challenges in our community.

While the public is more informed and connected than ever, the erosion of trust in government and public institutions means that it is difficult to engage the community to inform decision-making, drive behaviour change and share essential information. We work with State and Federal Government departments and agencies to reposition and tell their story in a way that helps to build meaningful relationships with their stakeholders and staff, and engage the communities they serve.

Like never before, the Australian financial services sector is under significant scrutiny over its practices, values and culture. Following the Financial Services Royal Commission, the sector will continue to be under the microscope as it responds and adapts to the report’s findings and recommendations, and anticipated regulatory and legislative change, in an effort to transform culture and regain public trust and confidence.

We work with large and complex financial services organisations across the banking, insurance and superannuation sectors to help reposition and manage reputational issues. This ranges from strategic counsel at senior levels through to preparing CEO’s, Board Members and Executives for media interviews, Parliamentary hearings or inquiries.

The Australian sports, fitness and recreation sector is a multi-billion dollar industry that contributes significantly to a socially cohesive, healthy, economically strong and resilient community…not to mention a strong sense of national pride.

At all levels, it is a complex and fascinating mix of policy, commercial investment, supportive mental health and physical wellbeing structures, and opportunities to address and lead the nation on critical issues of social disadvantage, tolerance, and equality. We work with governments, national sporting bodies, professional clubs, emerging and senior players and athletes, venue managers, and boards and senior executives across all codes to help position their organisations as leaders in these debates, build outstanding and to inspire greatness on and off the field.

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