Do you have a difficult challenge or longer term need to address?

Our campaign specialists can help you engage with the hardest to reach audiences and influence the people who matter.

What We Offer

Our corporate strategic campaigns practice can help you to address your business or organisational challenges through strategic campaigns that improve your reputation and support growth and success. 

Drawing on years of experience we use deep insights, researchdata-driven strategy and the latest campaigning approaches for discreet, multi-faceted and integrated longer-term initiatives to influence change and give you a seat at the table of the important debates. 

Global leaders in digital campaigning and engagement

Gone are the days of spending hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on television, radio and print advertising, and relying on the media to achieve the impact and influence you need to support your strategy or shape the conversation. 

We combine market-leading corporate affairs and stakeholder management strategies with affordable digital campaigns using Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and cutting edge person-based targeting to deliver tailored approaches to get results.

This is backed by in-depth analytics and insights, and competition and market intelligence that gives you the data you need to not only instantly see how your campaign is performing but to enable real-time response and issue management. 

Campaigning experts with specialist expertise

Delivering the results you need whether that is giving you a voice and platform to tell your story, or proactively managing market or stakeholder challenges – relies on the experience and knowledge of what type of campaign approach and tools will work best for you.

The Bastion Reputation Management campaign team, led by experts with decades of experience at the highest level of business and government in Australia and overseas, have the sector and technical knowledge to deliver an effective campaign tailored to your needs. 

We have the specialist expertise and track record to get results, in areas including: 

  • class actions 
  • activist and community campaign management and response  
  • business recovery, transformation and growth 
  • regulatory and legislative advocacy 
  • energy and resources sector initiatives 
  • transport and infrastructure sector community management. 

Online Reputation Management

Unsure how to deal with an online issue affecting your reputation?

The Internet is very different than it was even a few years ago.  Companies, their partners, vendors and customers all exist in a landscape that allows voices and information to be amplified very quickly and to have significant reach and impact.  At Bastion Reputation Management, we blend best-in-class corporate and public affairs strategy with the latest digital offerings and platforms to manage online reputational issues quickly, and shape agendas.

What is online reputation management?

We exist in an era of multiple platforms and websites where people can communicate and express their views. For this reason it can be an arduous effort to monitor and maintain your online reputation, let alone manage your online reputation.

Your online reputation is the perception others have, not only of your products or services but their general regard of your brand and often driven by how you interact with people online and what others are saying about you.

First impressions can be long lasting. With people consuming so much of the world’s information via online search, news websites, social media and more, it’s essential you have the right combination of strategic communications, matched with SEO, keyword management, social channel management and search-based approaches to ensure your online presence is promoted, protected and defended.

Our services

We are national leaders in the services and approaches that will manage your online reputation and presence to support your business strategy, including:

  • issue and crisis response
  • reputation mitigation strategy
  • online reputation auditing
  • search engine optimisation
  • negative news suppression
  • social media response plans
  • business profile development
  • direct-target advertising & marketing to specific individuals or important groups
  • competitor or opposing party research
  • web, content & multimedia creation.

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Scott Thompson on 0403 241 128 or email

Our Team

Scott Thompson

Principal, Campaigns Director

Scott is a strategic communicator, C-suite adviser and campaign director with almost 20 years’ experience. Previously a director at the Business Council of Australia, he led Advocacy and Public Affairs, Member Engagement and Strategy functions. At the Business Council, Scott managed some of Australia’s biggest campaigns for business on issues including energy and climate change, tax, regulation, infrastructure and workplace relations. Prior to the Business Council Scott was a senior member of another large public affairs advisory firm. His background is in journalism where he worked for News Limited and Fairfax newspapers. 

Genine Johnson

Senior Campaigns Strategist

Genine has a career spanning more than 20 years as a press journalist and senior executive leader in communication, media and engagement in state and federal government agencies. Highly skilled in contentious issues management, reputational build, crisis communications and staff capability building, Genine has headed up federal government corporate affairs teams and worked as a personal trusted adviser to heads of agencies. She has designed and implemented successful national stakeholder engagement strategies involving diverse and complex stakeholder groups, and supported state and federal organisations and senior leaders through royal commissions and parliamentary inquiries. 

Georgina Patterson

Client Executive

Georgina has been with Bastion Reputation Management for over a year, joining the team on a permanent basis after completing a Bastion internship and a Bachelor of Media and Communications. Over this time, Georgina has gained experience working across a wide range of projects with local and state government, businesses and non-for-profit clients. These have included advising on community engagement, media and presentation training, strategic campaigns, workshop facilitation, digital media and marketing strategies. Fields have included mass transit, Aboriginal affairs, local government, sport, workplace culture, aged care and justice. 

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