Coronavirus Communications Toolkit

For small and medium

Your guide to communicating with clarity, credibility and confidence.

Whether you are directly impacted by government restrictions, have a staff member contract COVID-19 or simply want to keep your people informed, this communications toolkit, provides practical guidance on communicating with staff, customers and other key stakeholders.

While there are many things out of your control, one thing you can control is your message. Keeping open lines of communication with those who matter most is essential.

Our communications toolkit gives you easy-to-follow advice, tips, tools and templates as well as provides solutions for some of the communications challenges faced by businesses.

Features include:
  • Simple and practical advice about essential communications principles and protocols to follow in times of crises, change and uncertainty
  • Tips and tools to help you deliver clear and consistent key messages
  • A handy checklist to communicate in the right way with the right stakeholders
  • Examples of communications materials for a range of audiences and COVID-19 scenarios

Contact us at to purchase a toolkit today for $650 ex GST.

Webinar – Communicating Your Covid-Safe Recovery
For Small And Medium Businesses

We recently hosted a free webinar to help small businesses communicate as they cautiously and carefully navigate operating in a new COVIDsafe world.

Bastion Reputation Management’s CEO, Clare Gleghorn and Head of Risk, Issues and Crisis Practice, Anna Gillett shared practical tips and guidance for small business owners on how to communicate with staff, customers and other key stakeholders.

Whether you are a small business owner and have been directly impacted by government restrictions, have a staff member who contracts COVID-19 or simply want to keep your people informed, this free webinar will provide you with practical guidance.

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